Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lessons Learnt: CAMERA

Through this coursework I have learnt that filming is not as easy it as it seems. The ideas of shots we had in mind were difficult to be filmed on set due to a number of things such as the wind, birds, people and cars passing by and we also had to make sure we were not trespassing any unknown private property. However we managed to deal with these issues and, we were never disturbed or concerned by authority. 
After our first day of filming which were in both Elias' bedroom and my bedroom, we were not too confident that we had filmed correctly and we were not too confident with angling the camera. Back at college we showed our clips to both Mary and Rebecca and they agreed. Our lighting was not great and the scenes were not effective, especially because it was the opening. We managed to re-film and re-filming gave us the opportunity to think of new and better ideas whilst on set. In the end we decided to scrap the whole idea of the e-mailing system and just stick to a flashback. 

From the first issue during filming we managed to learn from our mistake and take very good shots at different angles, ranging from point of view, shot reverse shots, high angle etc. We each had a turn in managing the camera and doing recording as well as being in the shots, with significance and purpose. Although re-shooting was stressful and took a lot of time, overall I really enjoyed using the camera and filming 

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