Sunday, 13 March 2011

Phone Booth.

Phone booth has to be one of my favourite films with one of my favourite actors in it and the fact that it is a thriller is a BIG help with doing media!

Stu (Colin Farrell) plays the part of a guy who is a conceited publicist who wonders about cheating on his wife Kelly (Radha Mitchell) with another woman who is called Pam (Katie Holmes).

After work Stu decides to call Pam from a phone booth and while he is in there a man tries to deliever a pizza to him which he refuses to take and tells the guy to go away. when he is finished with the phone call to Pam and hangs up... the phone rings. This is where the suspense and tension begins to start.

The man on the phone (Kiefer Sutherland) starts to tell Stu things that he can see about him but he doesn't say who he is, how he knows the information and where he is located.

He torments Stu and makes him say things that he doesn't want to say and also tries to frame him for the murder of a guy that he didn't kill as he uses mind tricks to get Stu's fingerprints on a gun he had earlier planted in the booth.

Throughout the film, the use of mind games and tricks keeps the audience interested and then it ends with a twist that you do not expect!

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