Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Late changes and adjustments

After we finished filming we came back to college and watched all our clips and found that what we had in our minds wasn't what was being shown to us on the screen so we decided to add little effects and transitions for example when a flashback is being shown it will be black and white and when its showing me having a nightmare its going back to normal colour with another effect but that would be giving it away. ;)

When it comes to more filming, as a group we are quite confident that we already have everything we are going to need for the editing, when we was filming we took quite a few random shops but only now have we noticed how helpful they were going to be.
We are trying to use certain shots and match cuts to give the audience a visceral effect and let the tension play its part on the audience. A lot of clips we are not going to use but we are sure we will make the most out of everything we have.

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