Thursday, 24 March 2011

OUR Group 14

Looking around during the filming process i saw that many groups were struggling or got easily frustrated with all group members surrounded around the computer screen shouting and telling each other there ideas. As a way to keep our filming pace fast we allocated jobs to each member in most circumstances.
For instance when we met up for filming we decided who would bring the props for that day or who would bring the filming equipment.

  • Sheri- Focused on the Titles of our Thriller opening and the way it would be presented
  • Elias- Focused on the music that went into any scenes we needed, he often used Soundtrack pro
  • Mariama & Myself (Demi)- Focused on Editing ad doing all the Importing and Exporting of devices.
 We took it in turn to return equipment if needed.
As a group i actually think we worked rather well, even tough we had a few disagreements we always done majority vote or just tried to incorporate every ones idea the best we could.

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